Grand Master Hyun Kyoo Jang

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Grand Master Hyun Kyoo Jang

Grand Master Hyun Kyoo Jang has trained Taekwondo, Haedong Kumdo & Haidong Gumdo (The way of the Korean sword) and Kummooyeh(The art of the Korean sword and Korean traditional archery) for over 35 years. He created Kummooyeh by adding sparring and cutting techniques, meditation movements, two-sword techniques and Korean traditional archery on Haedong Kumdo techniques and also established World Kummooyeh Federation in 2010 with President Bouksoo Joung. He has introduced Kummooyeh to more than 30 countries and is still traveling over the world even now for seminars and instructors training.

  • Kummooyeh and Haedong Kumdo – 8th Dan Black Belt
  • Grand Master at World Kummooyeh Federation,
  • Director at Korea Haedong Kumdo Association
  • President at Australian Kummooyeh Association
  • Set up Kummooyeh in Australia, Singapore, Spain, Italy, Germany, USA, Colombia, South Africa, Panama, UK, Netherlands, UAE, China, Belgium, Algeria, Mexico, India, Brazil, Puerto Rico and etc.
  • Opened the Kummooyeh HQ training center in Incheon, Korea in 2015
  • Opened Kummooyeh cutting & archery field in Hongsung, Korea in 2017
  • Introduced in an Australian TV, Colombian TV, Indian TV and German newspapers.
  • Master Degree of Professional Accounting
  • Bachelor Degree of Global Business Management

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