What is Kummooyeh

Kummooyeh, a Korean sword martial art, teaches all the disciplines needed to master a weapon: the precision and co-ordination from sword forms, the power and endurance from sparring, the focus and stillness from archery, understanding the sword through live cutting and the cultivation of the mind and spirit through meditation.

Derived from the martial arts manual of Ancient Korea, ( the Muye Dobo Tongji ) Kummooyeh cultivates within all it’s members the speed, grace, strength and dignity of the old Korean Warriors

While physical, the movements and techniques are more flowing and gentle than other martial arts.
As such, Kummooyeh is an excellent option for people of all ages and physical ability who want to start a martial art.

While the skills can take a lifetime to master, the benefits can be noticed only after a few sessions.
So don’t delay and begin the best journey of your life with us.